Cosmetic Procedures

Fillers & Botox for Younger Looking Skin

Facial beauty is not all about eyewear. At the office of Dr. Joel Goffman, Dr. Goffman offers you the unique opportunity to multi-task your procedures by providing an assortment of cosmetic procedures. Freshen your whole face with age defying injections that help your eyes appear bright behind your new glasses. Often, Dr. Goffman’s patients wish for Botox injections to treat fine lines around the eyes or frown lines in the forehead.

The benefits of Botox include:

  • Virtually no recovery, or downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Fast treatment that is over quickly

The Wrong Prescription Can Leave Lasting Lines

Squinting and frowning while wearing the wrong prescription can cause those unfortunate frown lines in your forehead. Similarly, neglecting to wear protective eyewear in the sun can cause damage as well. Once Dr. Goffman restores your prescription, his staff can erase the effects of blurred vision by offering injections to your frown lines and the other lines you acquired while squinting to see.

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